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5 gallon buckets' versatility has been discussed in our previous posts. Their uses at home, in the garden, in the office and at the camp site have proven to be a great advantage for people who want to live an organized and practical life without spending too much money. To add to that advantage, we should also know how to reuse the 5 gallon pails into something else that is of a different function. The following describes how to properly clean 5 gallon buckets.


First of all, you need to prepare the materials below:

Then follow these steps:

Now your 5 gallon pail is clean and ready for its next use.

Removable hydraulic metal filters are generally considered cleanable filter. Accessing the filter canister and removing the filter must be done according to manufacturer's instructions, which can usually be found on the hydraulic filter manual. Once removed, the filter can be cleaned, installed and re-used. If a machine is used for industrial work where it is dirty and dusty, cleaning maintenance of twice a year will help hydraulic machine to be on its top shape.

In order to clean a hydraulic metal filter you will need a solvent tank cleaning system, a gallon of hydraulic fluid, small brush, small bucket and a pair of rubber gloves which should be utilize throughout the procedure. Put the filter in the solvent tank. Turn on the solvent pump and allow the solvent to flow through the nozzle.

To clean the filter, place it in the solvent and rinse it off thoroughly. While rinsing, use the small brush to scrub off and remove dirt and debris. The solvent will dissolve dirt particles and dirty oil clogging the filter, so allow it to run freely over the entire filter media. When cleaning is complete, turn off the solvent feed. Shake off the filter to remove excess solvent.

Pour one gallon of hydraulic fluid into the bucket then put the hydraulic filter inside the bucket and swish it around in the hydraulic fluid for about ten minutes. This will remove any solvent left over from the cleaning process. Reinsert the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions and the filter is good to go. This process 除甲醛 is very economical because you do not have to change hydraulic filter that often.